Work Is Everywhere You Choose, Office 365 Is Ready When You Are.

Has this ever happened to you? You finished working on a presentation and quickly rush off to a meeting you really should have left 20 minutes ago for. You get to the meeting and realize you need to make some quick edits but your computer malfunctions. 

What do you do? Have do you fix in time for that all-important presentation? Do you start all over, and miss the meeting? 

 Gloomy situation, isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. What if there was a way to have saved your files in the cloud and accessed it anywhere with just a few clicks and make quick edits from the same web browser you use to check in on the latest EPL action. 

Well, Welcome to Office 365, a subscription-based service that provides you with the Office application you are familiar with on a monthly or annual bases with the added benefit of cloud-based services. 

I bet you are probably thinking well that’s cool but what makes it so special. Well, think of it this way Office 365 goes with you wherever you go whereas Microsoft Office follows your PC wherever it goes. 

Got your attention now? Great! 

So, what do you get as part of Office 365, I hear you ask? 

All Office 365 plans include up to 1TB of cloud storage, Office Online (web-based versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), the full functionality of Office mobile apps, continuous updates to new features, security fixes as well as ongoing tech support. Some plans also include traditional Office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. And a wide range of other web-based apps and services like teams, Yammer, Stream, and Sway, and so on. 

These are the real Benefits of Office 365 to your business 


Office 365 allows businesses to scale quickly as the business grows thanks to its flexibility. Businesses can mix and match applications for every user per department to make custom solutions and it’s easy to add or remove users by simply adding or eliminating licenses.  


The biggest advantage of Office 365 is how it supports working from anywhere as long as the user has an online connection. Because it’s entirely cloud-based, email, files, and Office programs are often accessed from any location and any device. You can create, edit, and share from your PC, Mac or your iOS, Android, or Windows device with anyone in real-time. This is highly beneficial for companies with multiple locations, remote employees or employees who travel often. 


Do you have teams that collaborate on tasks, documents or presentations? Then you’ll find the collaboration features of Office 365 super beneficial. 

Everyone who must contribute to or edit a document (or spreadsheet, or presentation, etc.), can work on an equivalent version (and get real-time changes) instead of having multiple copies. Versioning is additionally included just in case you would like to travel back to an older version. 

Furthermore, with multi-party HD video, shared calendars, and team chat, team members will always be in sync. 

4. Advanced Threat Protection 

Office 365 has more than 1,000 security and privacy controls to meets international, regional and industry standards. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) uses sophisticated attachment scanning and AI-powered analysis to detect and discard dangerous messages. Automatic checks of links in email to assess if they’re part of a phishing scheme. This keeps you safe from accessing unsafe websites. 


Because office is hosted in the cloud, you don’t need servers for your website, emails or document storage. The cost savings are substantial; removing onsite servers will reduce both energy costs and therefore the need for office space to store server hardware. 


Multi-device usage is commonplace nowadays; from employing a desktop at the office, a laptop while you travel, a tablet reception, and the oddball is the one without a smartphone by their side 24/7. The greatness of Office 365 is that documents can now be accessed from any of those devices, and auto-syncing means the latest version is always a few clicks away. 

So, is Office 365 right for you? 

Ultimately, it’ll depend on your requirements. However, if you’ll be using the apps for a long time, purchasing an Office 365 subscription is perhaps your best option, because you get full access to all the apps and perks with low cost of ownership. 

Convinced? Great! 

But if you are still sitting on the fence, that’s cool too. We’ve got something just for you to dip your toes in the water before diving in. Follow the link below and claim your free 6 months trial of Office 365 and work from home like a boss.  

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