Staying Safe on the internet during this festive season.

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for retailers, it also happens to be a busy time for cyber criminals. While we are excited about the hot deals, the cyber criminals are also very excited, it’s their hunting season. Hunting for card details and personal information.

The CEO of CITSYS, Henry Nyako was on Citi FM’s Breakfast Show on Cyber Monday to speak on the topic “Staying Safe on the Internet this Festive Season” to highlight on ways we can stay safe online. In the interview, he spoke of ways to detect fraudulent activities on the internet, way to protect your information online and various way to stay safe whiles shopping on the internet.  

On the topic of detecting fraudulent activities on the internet; he advised user to look out for deals which are too good to be true, such as a Samsung UHD TV going for half the selling price on the market. Cyber Criminals tend to spoof popular websites and give deals which are too good to be true. When shopping online for deals this festive season, always verify the website by typing in the URL to avoid spoofed websites.  

Users tend to give more information out on the internet, mostly via social media. Information such as mother’s maiden name, date of birth, your first pet etc. These are information cyber criminals can use to hack your online accounts. The CEO of CITSYS continued to advise online users to be mindful of the information they share online as they can be used against them.  

On staying safe online, he lists the following as ways to stay safe online during the festive season and after;  

  • Always checking for https when shopping online; https is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It is used for secure communication over a computer network and is widely used on the Internet. 
  • Always use retailer’s mobile app where applicable. 
  • Always keep your apps and software up to date. 
  • Use a 2-factor authentication where available; Use an Authenticator app such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator app rather than text message. Authenticator apps can be used when roaming outside your home country.  
  • Use an Internet Security software eg. ESET Internet Security for advanced protection for your everyday online activities.  

Cyber Security and protecting user data are CITSYS’ top priorities this festive season. CITSYS, established in 2007 is a 100% Ghanaian owned IT innovations and solutions company that offers high-quality security software, IT support services and hardware to grow your business. 

Over the past 12 years they have worked with companies of all sizes from 5 users to over 6000 in finance, health, education, media, NGO, retail Government etc. 

For more info about CITSYS, visit 

Find interview Q&As below; 

Questions and Answers 

  1. Why do we need to talk about cyber security during the festive season?  

The festive season is here and there are a lot of hot deals online, 

We just had a weekend filled with hot deals from Black Friday, today is Cyber Monday, so we have more hot deals tempting us and this is typical of every festive season. After today there would be a lot more deals, for concerts, shows, events shopping etc. 

While we are excited about the hot deals the cyber criminals are also very excited, it’s their hunting season. Hunting for card details and personal details   

  1. What should customers look out for?  
  •  Deals too good to be true 
  • Promos & Links in emails 
  • Fake retail shops  
  • Spoofed websites 
  • Free Wi-Fi  

Remember you are the prey… your data is what criminals are after, your DOB, the town you were born in, mother’s maiden name, national ID/TIN would never change. 

  1. How can we stay safe then?   
  •  You are being aware, educating yourself 
  • Check website protection HTTPS: look for padlock 
  • Use your favorite online retailer Mobile App where applicable 
  • Device protection/ who you give access to your device 
  • Update your device software, update your antivirus 
  • Don’t use cracked software’s, you might be getting more than you bargained for. 
  • Use two factor authentications where available 
  • Pay attention to emails about changes that you haven’t made 
  • If possible, use another device to login and check your account 
  • Were your device permits use standard account over admin account for everyday use 
  • For your devices, I would recommend our ESET Internet Security that protects you all year round 
  • ESET internet security- Is an advanced internet security solution that provides comprehensive add the link   protection for everyday web users against internet and all types of threats – with great benefits such as  
  • Anti- theft  
  • Protection for your bank details online,  
  • Online protection for your kids 
  1. How easy is to get ESET Internet Security? 

 We are currently running a special limited buy one get one free promo at only GHS 85.00 on our online platform;  

 About CITSYS the company behind all this. 

  1. What is CITSYS? 

 Established in 2007 CITSYS is a 100% Ghanaian owned IT innovations and solutions company that offers high-quality security software, IT support services and hardware to grow your business.  

 Over the past 12 years we have worked with companies of all sizes from 5 users to over 6000 in finance, health, education, media, NGO, retail Government etc.  

 Every day in Ghana our solutions and services directly impact over 40000 computer users and 100s of thousands more. 

 At CITSYS, our sole purpose is to secure your business by mitigating risk, support you with a ready team of expert engineers to deliver highly customized solutions and ultimately grow your business exponentially. 

  1. What products and services do you have? 

 At CITSYS, we like to understand your business, then recommend the most relevant solution from our global partners that meets your requirements. We don’t sell products, we provide solutions.  

  • Customized IT Support 
  • Managed Services 
  • IT Project Services 
  • Enterprise Security Solutions 
  • Backup power solutions for server rooms 

3.  Why should I do business with CITSYS?  

  • Products and solutions from Global and trusted brands.  
  • 95% Year on Year retention by Clients – our first client is still with us 
  • A robust help desk to assist clients always 
  • Certified IT engineers and consultants readily available to provide support  

4.  What’s your plan for next year? 

The quality of our IT Support and services has truly been our biggest strength, we thus plan to focus more on our support services that empower small to large businesses  

As the world is going digital, there is greater dependency on technology, you thus need professional advice when taking decisions on IT. Businesses need to ensure that their business strategy is aligned with their technology capabilities and ability.  

That’s where we see tremendous opportunity to help our clients, because over the years we have gained significant insights to what works, what doesn’t work, and we bring those best practices to the table saving you time and money.   

For non tech companies, tech is not the reason why businesses are established, the dream usually has nothing to do with tech, however without tech the business cannot grow, can you imagine Uber (transportation business) or Airbnb (accommodation business) without tech. We thus want to empower business operators with relevant tech solutions so that they can focus on their core business and reach limitless goals. 

Let talk, lets understand where you as a business operator wants to go and together, we can secure, support and grow your business. 

You can reach CITSYS on or 

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