How Cloud Technology Can Help You Grow Your Small Business…

45840469_m-1The rate at which technology has grown in recent time has had a huge influence on the world of business. One of the most recent and largest transformation advancing small business owners, is the growth of cloud technologies. Gradually, the days of having to copy documents onto floppy disks, thumb drives and CDs/DVDs or having to forward them to emails in order to be able to access them from home are fading out due to the introduction of cloud technology.

In this short article we seek to address the various ways in which cloud technology can help you grow your small business with Microsoft office 365 as our focus.

Microsoft Office 365 is a Web-based version of Microsoft’s Office suite of enterprise-grade productivity applications. Office 365 is delivered to users through the cloud and includes Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for collaboration, Skype For Business for unified communications, Yammer for Enterprise Social Networking, OneDrive For Business for file hosting service and a suite of Office Web Apps.

Here are six ways Office 365 helps your business grow.

  1. Increase Productive time: With the use of cloud storage technologies, for example Microsoft OneDrive for Business to store company data makes it available anywhere at any point in time when there is a need for it making your search for certain work data or information less stressful and highly efficient. There is no limit as to how you can access data. all u need is access to INTERNET and you are good to go.
  2. Improving Cooperation: In this current working environment it’s all about working together as a unit in order to achieve common GOAL (Teamwork). This is one advantage Office 365 brings to the table, with tools like Yammer, Skype for Business and SharePoint and Calendar. Sharing ideas, having online video conferences, power to edit shared files in real-time and scheduling meetings and appointments has been made easy with these tools. With all this features, Office 365 improves teamwork to the highest level. Also, it is a cross platform technology. Hence, no matter the platform an employee is on, be it Windows, IOS, MacOS, Blackberry or even Windows 10 Mobile, s/he can have access to all these great features.
  3. Holds your data up-to-date: One good thing about Office 365 is the ability to automatically synchronize your data across all your linked devices whenever you make changes or update to a file or document. It ensures that all your files have the newest version with updates done seamlessly.
  4. Records Inventive Concepts: If you are a very creative person and you keep developing ideas or concepts, you may not have the luxury of pen and paper at all times. With office 365, a tool like Microsoft OneNote gives you the opportunity of saving your most creative concepts. All you need is your mobile device to make short notes and maybe attaching pictures and videos and later developing it to meet your preference. Because it is save on cloud you can share with other work mates and clients with ease.
  5. Provides more space for growth: the stress of thinking about storage space and having to buy or acquire an external drive or extra backup hard-drives to ease up storage space on your personal computers or company servers is a thing of the past. With Office 365 you wouldn’t need to stress over storage capacity and since it is a cloud-based application, you can sign-on new employees without the need to download any third-party application.
  6. Keeps Confidential and Personal Data safe: keeping personal and confidential data safe in on premises, requires getting extra data security like firewalls and other encryption programs in order to keep data safe from hackers. With cloud storage, you have the experts of cloud technology at your disposal and your data is safe with the highest level of data security, hence, you can worry less about intrusion or data getting leaked.

With all these six (6) great advantages, the extent of growing your small business is unlimited. As time goes on and technology advances it is important to stay updated with how cloud technology is transforming businesses in your current industry and you will be able to track the growth of your business.

Thank you!

Written By:  Michael Apedo-Heymann.

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